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[edit] Flashcards

These are the next generation of flash carts. There are really only TWO good options:

1 DSTWO/DSONE 2 AceKard 2i

[edit] DSTWO

  • Comes with card reader
  • Supports up to 32gb Mini-sd cards
  • Has a built-in CPU
  • Has movie player/SNES and GBA emulator/And plays all DS ROMS + Homebrew
  • Supports DS/DS Lite/DSi/DSi XL/3DS
  • Powerful new GUI

Completely redesigned the GUI can bring you a new beautiful interface. And system menus will also give you more friendly user experience, touch operation, saves time and effort!

  • New exclusive feature "Free Cheat"manual

This new exclusive feature during game play will allow you to search for and enable various cheats and hacks, such as modifying or even locking your characters health or enabling/restocking power-ups.

  • New exclusive feature "iDS Anti-Piracy"Details

Utilizing the CPU, DSTWO can emulate orginal cartidgecan, pass through and bypass any anti-piracy measures which is the first cart to do so. Most of the games will never need to be patched to run.

  • Real-Time-Save power up!

It increased RTS slots up to 4 individual slots. Additional, added the 3D data intelligent detection function, to improve the compatibility of 3D games so that it can be more stable. Moreover, also fast read & write speed as always.

  • Hardware supports slow motion

Changed the slow motion function from Cheat code method to hardware method. Better stability and compatibility.

  • Full-featured upgrade cheat function

Easy to use, compatible with popular DAT format cheat database now. It’s easy to get the cheat code. And it’s also inherited the Supercard exclusive Real-Time-Cheat function.

  • Evolution of Real-Time-Game-Guide

With the beautiful and small font so that could display more on the screen. Supports picture guide, then you won't lose your way in a deep maze. In addition, supports for direct reading .Txt text file, more convenient to use.

  • Convenient file-operate function

You can be open the file browser to cut, copy, paste, delete files as you like, so that you can do some simple file operations without computer.

[edit] Supercard DS One

  • Uses MicroSD cards
  • Boots some .nds homebrew
  • libfat DLDI support

[edit] AceKard

  • Uses MicroSD cards
  • Custom FS format, need special windows utility to copy files. Very annoying to use.
  • Poor homebrew support. Has no libfat support, will only run small homebrew that don't rely on libfat or GBAROM space. There is a custom version of moonshell which runs, but the official one does not work.
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