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2007-03-01 - DSMasterPlus 1.1
DSMasterPlus 1.1 (Down.pngDownload)

Sega Master System/Game GEAR emulator

Version 1.1 (28/02/2007)

  • Use L and R buttons in the game list to swap through the files
  • and B button to exit a directory.
  • Directories navigation has been added.
  • Support of GG games using SMS mode (ex: Castle of illusion)
  • GG and SMS files are listed using different colors.
  • Choice placed on Execution after selection of a play
  • English/French Switch according to the country of the DS
  • Addition of the CodeMaster and Korean mappers
  • Addition of TMS compatibility modes
  • Speed has been increased. The cpu is now being asm emulated by DRZ80.
  • No more save states (eta next release)
  • Translation of the German language (thank you Payk!)
  • Ability to send a compatibility report over WIFI


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