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2007-07-18 - MarcaDS 4.0
MarcaDS 4.0 (Down.pngDownload)

Alekmaul has released a new version of his Arcade emulator.
  • New Design (thanks Lobo) and new Logo (thanks DayDream)
  • Added support for SN76496 and AY-8910 chips (many games have the sound now)
  • Solomon's key does not have any more background problems.
  • Added support for Video Hustler, The Billiards, DigDug (2 sets), Hexa, Bank Panic grass.
  • Galaga (and clones) now playable.
  • Pinball Action now playable.
  • Problems with backgrounds in Phoenix (and clones) solved.
  • Background problems in 1942 fixed!
  • Compressed ZIP support.
  • Added a check of the CRC of the files to avoid the compatibility issues.
  • Addition of the management of the high scores.
  • SELECT to add corners to the place of A (A becomes the principal shooting).
  • More mode “Player 2”.
  • More clones.
  • Mario becomes Masao to have the sound.
  • Ms Pacman becomes ms Pacman (bootleg) and the file zip mspacmab.zip.
  • Piranha becomes Piranha (hack) and the file zip piranhah.zip.
  • Jr Pacman now playable.
  • Solved problems with shooting in Arkanoid.
  • Now using EFSLIB (thank you Noda)


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